MU Legend News and Guides
MU Legend News and Guides

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Posted 23 listopad 2017 at 01:11 in MU Legend

MU Legend is a large role-playing game, many gamers like this game, it provides players with a good game environment, players can find their own game in the game fun. The game enters open beta this November in six languages: English, French, German, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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Experience Unique Contents Of MU Legend

Posted 17 sierpie 2017 at 01:25 in MU Legend

Another 'MU' comes into the world. The value of MU IP (intellectual property rights), which has been expanding, seems to rise further. As the game is considered to be the most anticipated game in 2017, attention is focused on the popularity of the game.

'MU Legend' is based on simple manipulation, and can enjoy the fast and exciting 'Hack and Slash' which can be experienced only in PC MMORPG and mass siege. He collaborated with composer Jesper Kyd, who was responsible for game music such as 'Assassin's Creed' and 'Hitman', to further improve game completeness and immersion.

Webzen has added two different non-public tests to listen to gamers' comments, as well as differentiated content from 'MU Legend'. Field contents such as 'Invasion of Monsters' and 'Field Reid Boss' and 'Myth Dungeon' for the top level users are unique contents that can be experienced only in 'MU Legend'.

Webzen applies the update continuously after the open test, considering the tendency of domestic gamers who are consuming contents quickly. The guild community 'Knights Templar' and the new class 'Emphasizer', both of which are part of the second closed-door test, are all large-scale updates of the 'Expansion' scale, which will be newly added within a month. The female character 'Emphasizer', which has been released several times in video, is a class that mainly uses the skill specialized in 'crowd control' such as controlling or weakening the enemy.


Meanwhile, Webzen plans to launch "MU Legend" global game service in September of this year. You can grab more news on MU Legend, further information about specifics of any of the above and more over at

MU Legend Recently Announced The Emphasizer Class Will Launch On Korean Server

Posted 8 sierpie 2017 at 01:01 in MU Legend News

For now, MU Legend has four classes: Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage, and Whisperer. Webzen recently announced a new class, the Emphasizer class, and will launch on the Korean server on the 10th. August will be here.

MU Legend Global open beta in September There is no mention that the Emphasizer class can be played offline. Pre-registration activities for KR players will begin until August 9th, and participants will be rewarded with prizes.

The Emphasizer class is similar to the Succubus belief. It is a devil in the shape of a seductive woman. Emotion is a class that is capable of handling enemies' weapons and minds. Can not move or control a small group of minds.


Webzen also plans to launch MU Legend Plus, a mobile app that allows us to check game status information anytime, anywhere. This app supports the App Store and Google Play. More MU Legend news please keep eyes on!

Find More About The Release Date Of MU Legend

Posted 31 lipiec 2017 at 02:08 in MU Legend News

We finally got the long awaited information about the release date of MU Legend. The game will come out in September and will contain more content than originally planned.

From the information available on the official MU fan page, we learned that besides the previously announced location in the Polish language, we will receive much more content than we saw on CBT, and even more than it was available at OBT in Korea. Consequently, everyone expecting to release MU Legend has received an extra dose of hype. In the coming weeks we are going to learn more about the new features and changes in our game.

If you are looking for a reliable MU Legend site and want to join us, we invite you for more information here.

MU Legend Added Jesper Kyd As Its Music Composer

Posted 24 lipiec 2017 at 01:57 in MU Legend News

The world-famous Danish composer Jesper Kyd joined the Webzen team to contribute some of his songs to MU Legend.

MU Legend is the official successor to MU Online. It's a real hack 'n' slash game with four different classes. Each class has its own unique capabilities and playing style.

Jesper Kyd is a BAFTA Award winner and MZV VMA-nominated composer who has been playing for more than one game, including Assassin's Creed, Borderlands, Darksiders, Hitman and State of Decay, to name but a few.


"It's an honor to be working on this franchise. MU Legend has such a rich history and I wanted to produce a unique fantasy score that was deserving of its legacy, "Jesper said.

The end result was shared by Webzen with the world. So you can decide for yourself how you succeeded. Another interview was made with Jesper Kyd, the Englishman's footage was the bottom line.

MU Legend's open beta is expected in September, and we will be able to get a completely revised version, in principle, compared to the CBT version. Click here for Three Tracks In The Soundtrack.

MU Legend Classes Overview

Posted 24 lipiec 2017 at 01:22 in MU Legend Guides

Webzen's MU Legend has released gameplay trailers featuring Dark Lord characters, Whisperer, War Mage and Blader.

Webzen seems to have an extremely large-scale intention for the MU series in the virtual entertainment industry. From promoting the testing process of MU: Origin international version, until revealed information about MU2 capital long time. Continuing its momentum, MU Legend's rookie continues to shatter with the official gameplay, introducing the four-player Dark Lord, Whisperer, War Mage and Blader genre.

Each of the four warriors, each with a unique power and fighting style, will ensure the frenzy of fire that MU Legend delivers to the player in the future.

MU Legend - Dark Lord


At first sight gamers will get acquainted with the "old" Dark Lord, the warrior class with the right amount of blood plentiful and overwhelmed by physical damage. Crazy moves hit the ground as well as monster clumps like garbage, actually showing the Dark Lord's prowess in the MU Legend.

MU Legend - Whisperer


A strange and familiar face that we next point to is Whisperer, which was inspired by the MU Online Fairy Elf. Using long-range weapons, Whisperer is responsible for knocking on enemies with stormy names and fast-paced moves. Next to the War Mage, this is a Class that focuses entirely on wide-ranged attacks, controlling the majority of enemies. Even if you notice, we can see the War Mage develop an evolutionary version of "dragons" to suppress enemies in the gameplay field.

MU Legend - War Mage


MU Legend - Blader


Another class of character that MU Legend brought to the Blader, at first look similar to Dark Lord. There is still not much information on this class, but it is clear Blader is completely melee, although Webzen can make a difference to the Dark Lord by reducing the blood count.

But despite the development path, gamers still feel the MU Legend's fierce fighting style, assuring fire of any form of attack. Beside that, the game also met a 3D graphics are extremely eye-catching with the effect to say is "flooded" the screen. The light rays, the color effects spin before the eyes will bring a special part of the gameplay of Mu Legend in the future.

Another very interesting piece of information is that Dennis Czybulka, Webzen's COO, has confirmed that the development team will bring MU Legend to the international market in this September. This would be a good news to the fan community, who do not live in Korea but want to enjoy this superstar. All information about MU Legend will be updated for MULegendZen readers in the shortest time.

MU Legend - The Special MMO And More Info

Posted 24 lipiec 2017 at 00:29 in MU Legend

Title MMORPG extremely hot MU2 with the official name MU Legend has revealed a series of contents and extreme gameplay.

In addition, MU2 or MU Legend will welcome a new dungeon named Rift with a monster system and "buff" depending on the level of the player. On top of that, gamers will also experience a dedicated PvP mapping system with a new wing system that has become one of the most indispensable images in the eyes of any fan.

Over the course of the gameplay reveals, we can also recognize the battle system of MU Legend now becomes much more violent than the older ones. Physical gestures, effects of the philosopher, interwoven skills flooded the screen, letting the viewer feel the excitement and great heat just waiting for his own hand to feel.

MU Legend is also much more detailed than the older one, though not the highest peak in the game but it will still make players admire before each game or character. . The light effect also gives the phase to improve the skills of life with red, green waves, wave or wind rattles rushing before the eyes.

MU Legend or more familiar with the name MU2 will be officially opened the open beta on September in the global market. Hopefully not long before this MMORPG will begin to release new information on the overseas version, for the international community not to wait much longer.

All news about MU Legend will be updated for MULegendZen readers in the shortest time.

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