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MU Legend - The Special MMO And More Info

Posted 24 lipiec 2017 at 00:29 in MU Legend

Title MMORPG extremely hot MU2 with the official name MU Legend has revealed a series of contents and extreme gameplay.

In addition, MU2 or MU Legend will welcome a new dungeon named Rift with a monster system and "buff" depending on the level of the player. On top of that, gamers will also experience a dedicated PvP mapping system with a new wing system that has become one of the most indispensable images in the eyes of any fan.

Over the course of the gameplay reveals, we can also recognize the battle system of MU Legend now becomes much more violent than the older ones. Physical gestures, effects of the philosopher, interwoven skills flooded the screen, letting the viewer feel the excitement and great heat just waiting for his own hand to feel.

MU Legend is also much more detailed than the older one, though not the highest peak in the game but it will still make players admire before each game or character. . The light effect also gives the phase to improve the skills of life with red, green waves, wave or wind rattles rushing before the eyes.

MU Legend or more familiar with the name MU2 will be officially opened the open beta on September in the global market. Hopefully not long before this MMORPG will begin to release new information on the overseas version, for the international community not to wait much longer.

All news about MU Legend will be updated for MULegendZen readers in the shortest time.

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